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Wrongful Convictions Essay Example for Free

Wrongful Convictions Essay Causes of Wrongful Convictions There are three main causes of wrongful convictions in the United States. This leads to wrongful punishment and causes turmoil for everyone involved. It then creates multiple feelings on everyone’s behalf, therefore; leaving no choice but to choose sides. Should capital punishment be enforced or not enforced. To what extent do you believe the death penalty should be improvised? Wrongful convictions are sought out by lawyers and police to determine if a criminal is guilty. Evidence and DNA is all part of the investigation that leads to an arrest. Once evidence is presented, the jury will then deliberate on what information and the evidence that was given. A verdict will be handed down at that time. Based on what the crime is, what type of punishment is given for the crime. The first cause is based on what evidence is provided. Is it true and accurate, or presentable in court. Drug dealers, child molesters and robberies are all a major crime. These all have particular sentences in place for the crimes they commit. Murderers are looked at in a different way. Honest attorneys present all evidence and information that has been gathered for the case. This in turn could determine the conviction. DNA plays an important role in this evidence if it is acceptable . Today the accusation is the evidence. Thus, the criminal element itself has a big say in who goes to prison. Weak and fabricated evidence is seldom looked at in the eyes of the court. Approximately one case in twenty will go to trial. This effect will cause numerous criminals to walk freely as they choose. The pros are being convicted and tried for the crime and the cons are being offered a simple way out. The effects of this cause is being set free to commit another crime. There is not enough evidence to convict a criminal Plea bargaining is a second major cause of wrongful conviction. Plea bargains are created by fictional crimes in place of real ones. The prosecutors would begin to see a way to game the Wrongful Convictions 3 system back to a conviction Without plea bargaining the case goes unconvincing. This in turn undermines police investigative work. Police evidence is seldom used in the courtroom. Prosecutors have found that they can coerce a plea and elevate their conviction rate by raising the number of serious charges being thrown at a defendant. By releasing criminals known to be guilty, turns the justice system into a lottery for police, prosecutors and criminals alike. The effect of this cause is usually when the defendant gets a smaller or reduced sentence for the crime that has been committed and tried in court. Depending on the crime committed, the pros are convicted, time served and released. The cons are the criminal has enough time to plan and convey another crime. Carrying out another crime only leads to another plea deal to stay out of prison. This will continue to be a pattern of criminal acts. The effects are criminals walk with little or no punishment granted. Evidence is most generally not all that strong of a case. The third cause is the new deal made its own contribution to wrongful convictions. Statutory and enforcement authorities were combined to help regulate police vast discretions. A cooperative â€Å"offender† may get off with a civil penalty, whereas a person who sticks up for their rights may receive a criminal indictment. An asset-freeze is also associated with this new deal. Created to keep drug dealers and mobsters from returning to the neighborhood, local residents have unanimously voted to have a neighborhood watch group. Resident’s properties and or property that has been seized during the investigation will be returned after the deal has been finalized. Residents feel they are personally violated, and are living in fear that these criminals will come back repeatedly. For this cause there are pros, protecting civilians from future harm. The effect of this cause is that the cons are still out there on the streets, however; the evidence is not convincing enough to put the criminal away. These causes have put authorities such as police and attorneys on edge. Causing them to doubt the outcome of all the existing crimes that are happening. Wondering why they are taking Wrongful Convictions 4 such a risk capturing these criminals and watching them all be released back on the streets. Due to the evidence provided they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. A jury can determine when a witness is giving false information and when they are telling the truth. Weak and fabricated evidence is often tested in court. Therefore; some criminals are wrongfully convicted. Given a plea or plea deal or even a new deal could lead to the conviction of an innocent situation In conclusion wrongful convictions are subject to many decisions. Not only by a judge or jury but by the evidence that is provided in court. Given the facts we will spend vast energies in freeing a few innocent people. We must gird for battle and restore the lost law. The law must be put back in congress where under the system it must reside forever. Giving hope to those who were wrongfully convicted and setting them free. I believe we should stick to the theory innocent until proven guilty. Evidence should be provided and proved to be legitimate before being presented to the courts. If the evidence is true and accurate there should not be any pleas or plea bargains offered. Deals should not even be allowed in a courthouse. If the information is not accurate, why waste tax payer’s money to try and convict an innocent person and send them to prison? We spend more time and money trying to convince the world that wrongful convictions are happening everywhere. As I stated earlier DNA has become a worldwide piece of evidence to link to a crime scene investigation. Wrongful convictions are being overturned as we speak. They may not be criminals but are victims in a wrongful conviction. If I am a robber have valid proof I done the robbery. If I molested a child ,again have valid proof . (DNA) If I am a murderer, then yes I should receive the death penalty. I do not deserve to live if I take another life. Then again have solid proof that I am the one who committed this crime. As I do not wish to be â€Å"Wrongfully Convicted†

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